Primary School Program Gets On There Way

We have kicked off our Primary School Program for 2021, delivering our Shuttle Time Program in schools around Rarotonga for the next three weeks to Years 4, 5 and 6, Thank you to our Shuttle Time coaches who will be delivering our grassroot initiatives to our children. Our kids will be learning the different skills needed to play badminton and excel

Shuttle Time lessons are designed to provide children with a positive image of badminton through many opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success.

As usual, we will be ending off our program with our very popular Annual Primary School Tournament. This will be our 5th year running this tournament. With around 130 children and 9 schools participating in last years tournament with Apii Nikao taking out the overall winners.

This years tournament will be played on the 12th November 2021 at the TSA on 8 courts, where schools will battle it out to be the overall winners and champions for 2021

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