In 2012, Badminton World Federation (BWF) introduced Shuttle Time to the global society – a badminton school programme in support of the idea that children should lead a healthy and active life, both in and out of school. BWF’s objective is to transform badminton into one of the world’s most popular and accessible sports at schools.

Shuttle Time offers school teachers access to free resources, training and equipment, which supports the teaching of enjoyable, safe and inclusive badminton activities to children aged 5-15 years old. Shuttle Time lessons are designed to provide children with a positive image of badminton through many opportunities to have fun, engage with others and experience success. A number of resources to implement Shuttle Time activities are available below.

Cook Islands: Every child has a right to play

For many older Cook Islanders they were first introduced to badminton while living in New Zealand & Australia. And on returning to the islands brought with them the beautiful game and have been playing socially for many years. However, for the code to continue into the future, we need to get our children involved at the domestic and international level.

The Cook Islands consists of 15 Islands scattered over 2 million square kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, with Rarotonga being the capital Island. With the delivery of the Shuttle Time, mainly focused in Rarotonga, our plan is to also expand our facilities to the outer islands, where Aitutaki and Atiu have already been setup. With the training, equipment and resources, we hope to inspire every individual to pick up a racquet and play for life.

Shuttle Time has allowed badminton to be enjoyed by our children. We hope with Shuttle Time’s continuous involvement in our schools, we will one day produce a champion of our own.”

Mr. Thomas Mereana-Ngauru – CIBA President

Creative use of Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time has been implemented in the schools by including it as part of their physical education classes with inter-school competitions run twice a year. In 2015, the Inaugural Inter-college competition was a huge success. Teachers and parents were excited with how much the children enjoyed the programme and look forward to carrying on this year. During the programme, CIBA were able to identify some talented young players who we have begun working with to prepare them for age group competitions in the region.

Shuttle Time Cook Island is targeted at everyone but more towards youngsters between the ages of 8 -13. We currently have more male players so we are encouraging more female players to participate.

Cook Islands Badminton Association endeavors to make badminton more accessible by:

  • Implementing Shuttle Time into the College & Primary School Curriculum
  • Having badminton available at local sports festivals
  • Providing after school and weekend lessons for all ages, youth, church & sport groups
  • Establishing new facilities around the island for easier access


The BWF have created various resources to support National Badminton Associations who wish to implement Shuttle Time in schools. Resources available for National Badminton Associations include:


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Interested in playing or teaching Shuttle outside of Rarotonga?

Contact National Shuttle Time Coordinator, Thomas Mereana-Ngauru at

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