Elite Business House Competition 2021

This will be the final Elite competition for 2021 kicking off on Monday 11th October for 8 weeks, which should bring us close to the end of year ‘Christmas time’. Looking forward to seeing some great matches played and with the inclusion of 3 V 3 would make for a more exhilarating event. Details as below

Team Requirements

  1. You may register up to 2 Elite players and at least 4 Social players with at least 1 male and 1 female in a team and must play each night
  2. Fees are $120 per team
  3. You can register players even after the competition begins
  4. You may only Register and play for one team
  5. Players may NOT be beginners

The Game

  1. 2 Teams will compete against each other in a ‘meet’
  2. Each meet consists of 6 matches as follows:
    • Match 1:     Doubles (1 x Elite & 1 x Social player)
    • Match 2:     Doubles (1 x Elite & 1 x Social player)
    • Match 3:     Doubles (1 x Social player & 1 x Social player)
    • Match 4:     Singles (1 x Elite player)
    • Match 5:     Doubles (1 x Social player & 1 x Social player)
    • Match 6:     Triples (1 x Elite & 2 x Social players)
  3. Each match is one game first to 21 points.  NO DEUCE OR ADVANTAGE
  4. The winner of the meet will be the team with the highest combined total of points won after the 6 matches

The format

  1. The competition will follow a round robin format.
  2. There will be 2 rounds of meets each night. First round of games will start at 5pm, second round of games at 6:30pm.
  3. Competition commences Monday 11th October and every Monday for 8 Weeks
  4. Weekly draws and results will be posted on badminton Cook Islands Facebook page

The rules

  1. There are no set matches, therefore a men’s pair may play against a women’s a pair or a mix pair may play against a men’s or women’s pair.
  2. No player can play more than 2 matches per meet
  3. Each team will take turns umpiring.  A toss will determine who umpires first
  4. The non-umpiring team will select their players for the match first followed by their opponent.  Once names are down they cannot be changed.  This is repeated for every match as the umpiring alternates
  5. If a pair defaults a match it will be 21 nil to their opponents

House rules

  1. There is no eating or drinking in the Telecom Sports Arena
  2. Water ONLY

Please email for more information thomasutangauru@gmail.com

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