World Badminton Day

First ever World Badminton Day was held on Tuesday 5th 2022 and was celebrated in the Cook Islands. This day was established to invite individuals and networks to encounter fun and comprehensive badminton, through an assortment of dynamic, connecting with, and imaginative badminton occasions. This is going to be a yearly event where all can take part in this phenomenon

Why the 5th of July you ask, well the first ever world body that governs badminton was established on the 5th of July 1934(formally known as International Badminton Federation IBF and now known as the Badminton World Federation BWF) had nine Member Associations at the time.

A Day of Badminton in the Cook Islands

To show you what a day feels like in the world of badminton here in the Cook Islands Please see snippet below, as Thomas Ngauru shows a full day of badminton in Paradise. Follow link for more videos.

Highlights from Social Night that Night

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