Cook Islands Opens Nationals 2021

Leading up to the competition, to sense the excitement from the players is pulsating

It was an action packed four evenings of Badminton Opens Nationals held at the TSA. Men’s and Women’s Singles were played on the 12th and 13th November 2021. Men’s and Women’s Doubles and also Mixed Doubles were played on the 19th and 20th November 2021. Furthermore consolation matches were also played.

Initial two days of Women’s and Men’s Singles hushed up a nights of vulnerability with nail biting matches. This year was another extremely tough year. At first there was elimination rounds which would later on turn out to be engaging matches to watch, everyone was out there doing their best.

However, reigning champions for Women’s and Men’s Singles managed to hold on to there titles for another year. Meeting with fierce resistance from both opponents and due to an injury for the Men’s singles, the opponent had to pull out.

Evening three and four were met with Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Doubles. This year’s Doubles saw the return and inclusion of ex and newbie players added to the draws. This tossed several players in a furor while contending.

Our Grand Finals contenders for Men’s Doubles were from our U19 Squad VS our Elite players. For our Women’s Doubles they were from the U19 Squad VS U15 Squad. Pure extreme talent was laid out on the night with winner takes all. Unfortunately our Men’s U19 and U15 Women’s dual had not manage to capitalized during there finals and had succumb to the talent of our winners. Also, our reigning Champs for Mixed Doubles managed to also secured there title for another year.

The Doubles consolation matches also drew attention from a roaring crowd. Made up of losing teams from our first rounds and mostly U13 players. This made for an exciting match for our Juniors.

Congratulations to all our winners and to all those who were involved with making this tournament a success. Our prizegiving for Open Nationals alongside our Elite Social will be held on Saturday 4th of December 2021 venue tbc. Please book this date down and will see you all there for our celebration.

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